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Church of Scientology Stevens Creek of San Jose


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1865 Lundy Ave



Science is a religion which recognizes that humans are fundamentally good, and provides tools for all to use, to make them happier and more usable as humans, and to improve the living environment of themselves and others. Developer: L.Scientology® technology's Ron Hubbard provides accurate principles and practical technologies to improve mental awareness, confidence, intelligence, and capabilities.

Established in 1986


What is the real cause of our problem? Why is it difficult to understand others? Why are we so afraid of old age, disease and death, and why are our happiness so fragile? Science deals with this problem to improve life. There are too many misfortunes, misfortunes, and mistrust in the world. There is too much attention to the negative aspects of life. I can manage it. How does science religion work? The precepts of science treat individuals as spiritual beings. It consists of practical and practical techniques to enhance observation, certainty, and understanding of yourself and your life. The religion of science is not the creed of faith, but you. The principle of science is that only what you think is true for yourself is true. When you learn science and use it, you learn to think for yourself. It's a personal voyage for self-discovery.