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Our company has been a civil lawyer for 20 years in San Jose.

Established in 2000


I am a lawyer for a civil suit in downtown San Jose. We support real estate, contracts, and employment disputes. real estate (1) Real Property Purchase Dispute (2) Real estate deposit disputes (RPA·CA Type California Real Estate Association) (3) Real Estate Broker/Agent Dispute (4) Misrepresentation of MLS 5. Negligence in the disclosure of conditions that may have a material impact on the value or desirability of real property (6) Trust disputes among split-off-co-tenants, co-tenants, co-tenants, or tenant farmers resulting therefrom (7) Review of commercial leases (8) Quiet title (9) Violations of the FEHA Fair Employment and Housing Act contract (1) Litigation (2) Breach of contract and fraud (3) Revision of Contract

*   I was born and raised in Southern California.
*   I went to law school at San Diego University.

Damian C.
business owner





I hung up with Damien and wanted to review it before most people forget what they do and get busy.

I ran into his company to find a lawyer who would help me with the Property Tax Act, the Property Plan, and family disputes. He didn't specialize in this field, but he sent me a link to help me. He also sent me a link about how to verify what the lawyer specializes in and has the correct qualifications. The lawyer was able to handle various laws professionally and have the qualification to actually back up, so I discussed it over and over again as information that would help me find the right person for my position.

He had a lawyer or a secretary asking him to look after him. I looked at Yelp and looked forward to calling a highly reputable company, receiving high ratings and talking to a very educated lawyer. It's a great thing to find a lawyer who gives you free and useful advice over time!

Thank you again. We recommend you to remember! !

01/03/2021 01:21pm



Damien is a wonderful, sincere and helpful expert. I asked for advice to see if my tenant's rights were infringed. I've called at least 10 lawyers and no one wants to listen for five minutes. Damien took the time to learn about our situation and gave us honest helpful feedback. I know exactly who I can rely on when I need legal advice and action next.

12/25/2020 02:24am



Unfortunately, I had a free consultation with Damien on the phone, but he couldn't help my problem, got great guidance and got a lot of introductions.

01/01/2021 03:01pm



I Finally Castaneda & amp; About 4 months have passed since you posted your review. Co. has originally asked me what action I should take on the grounds of absolute preoccupations regarding the litigation that took place against me. After all, Castaneda & amp; It was decided to hire someone. Because I wanted to write the latest information about my past experience, Co, the representative of the company, was chosen.

Castenda & The lawyer Laura ZellmanCo was assigned to my case and was on my side from the beginning of the year. This short little Elip review does not even start to tell me what Laura did to me and my family. My case is still active, but the amount of effort, time and care I have received is amazing. In my case, in a nutshell, it's very unique, and Laura has done the best I can rest assured through this difficult time. Laura has done nothing of great work, and she is always looking for something to help me. When she meets me, she sends me a picture of a cute dog for free.

We've been throwing a lot of balls for four months, but they're still bumping out of the park. In addition, they are very reasonable and generous with their claims. I really feel that they care about you. It's not just cases and money. When I'm in Silicon Valley, I'll choose a representative of myself in the court, and don't waste time, but talk to Laura and Damien for five minutes and you'll find out what I'm talking about. Thank you!

12/25/2020 09:51pm



This is my first review of Yelp. Actually, I felt that I had to write about Damien from my heart. I needed legal advice, but I didn't know where to start or where to go. Damian's free service really came to help. The free phone consultation was 30 minutes, but over an hour I asked a lot of questions and understood this case well. After he came up with the idea, he did the research. Then he shared many resources and explained in detail what we can do to get our position and justice. He's really a professional, and he lives in a local area in San Jose and enjoys being useful for the community. To my surprise, he didn't look at the time, did not charge for extra time, patiently discussed my questions and continued to answer them. Everyone's time is precious and I thought of his first Ellie preview. Thank you, Damien! !

01/01/2021 07:10am



We contacted Mr. Castaneda when two questions about real estate and real estate were asked and he helped us without charge and without any other means. My husband asked me about the fence that this county is fighting for, and even though I was not his expertise, I asked my husband for help and sent me a lot of information about how to solve the problem. If you encounter another problem, you can contact him and hire him as a lawyer. He is honest, intelligent, and most importantly, he seems to be efficient and focused on customer service. Thank you, kastaneda! !(Ferran).

12/24/2020 09:04pm



I talked with Damien about the issues related to the partnership agreement. He gave me a check-out material and gave me a great suggestion for moving forward and for the next step to work with. I'm still in the middle of detailed negotiations, but when I'm done with Damien, I'll make a plan for it. He was very easy to speak, and I could avoid all the legal ways of speaking in words I could understand. I'm looking forward to hiring him again.

12/27/2020 05:47pm



It is surprisingly compassionate, makes you feel at ease, makes you feel uneasy and do not trust! When I was always in trouble, the support was there! What a wonderful lawyer!

01/02/2021 10:49pm



I recently contacted this law firm, but Damien is a model. I have dealt with many law firms (families, citizens) in the past, but I have never met a lawyer like him who does a thorough job, and during consultation, I will clarify the fate of the lawsuit and the interim costs. Damien is a great passionate man, and if he loses, he cannot find a dictionary, so he must win. The law firm was also quick to respond, and Damien was able to contact Sunday for more details on the incident and even prepare before calling Monday. I was moved by the difficulty for me when I talked to him after I had done my homework just for consultation. I strongly recommend this law office. I am confident that with this transparency and integrity, their business will continue to flourish.

01/02/2021 06:45am



Damien took time out of her busy schedule and helped me understand my legal situation.  Free!  This is a complex legal system, very difficult to navigate.  It is very valuable to get good advice first.  Damien comes there.  He gave a thorough evaluation of my case and did not give pressure to the company.  If he can represent you, if you think that your particular case guarantees the expertise of other lawyers, he will be very keen to introduce you.  In any case, he is on your side.  With the help of Damien, I was able to know my choice and the best way.  I am very grateful for his advice and knowledge.

01/03/2021 08:01am