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The Furling Legal Affairs Office (Hecht &) LLP is a full-service legal office that works with customers in San Jose, San Francisco, and the Central Valley. Through more than 75 years of professional experience, the company's attorneys are focused on providing exceptional excellence and dedicated legal services. Furling Hecht The law firm LLP specializes in personal injury, crime defense, general civil, business, and employment lawsuits. It also serves as an advisor for a variety of small and medium businesses, partnerships, and companies. The company always provides free initial consultation to customers. Attorneys can easily be accessed by phone or email during business hours or during off hours. Customers are treated professionally and courteously, and companies are working to ensure that all queries are handled quickly and appropriately.





I live in three states and have a record of the whole. What should I say? When I was young, I was very picky. I contacted FHD because I wanted to delete the record. Roger made me walk to California and investigate his prejudices against other states. What do you think? Roger and his team did a great job. I was dismissed from all my previous beliefs. as if nothing had happened. Great!

12/30/2020 10:29pm



Using this office, an accident was caused by a teenage boy who drove the car to the ground, destroying 21 of the 30 vertebrae, causing years of lifelong pain. After all, I ended up paying medical expenses. because the firm did not support me, and was armed to accept the settlement which was locked in a hole of five K dollars. My family has been introducing many customers in the last few years, but after my incident they have stopped introducing all of this office.

01/03/2021 12:53pm