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Joffrey Nous's law office started in 2004 in Santa Clara County. Since then, it has remained in San Jose, Santa Clara County, Bay Area.

Established in 2004


408-912-5983 / 408-375-7703 Welcome to the law firm of Joffrey C. Neuz, a bankruptcy lawyer in San Jose California. Bay Area & Amplifier; I've had years of experience supporting. Customers in northern California protect their rights. He specializes in representing individuals who need assistance in filing bankruptcy claims, compensating for damages, and compensating for injury caused by the negligence of others. We have long experience in helping you naturalize, enter and ampere. A green card is required.

Joffrey Nous has a degree in San Jose State University, MBA, CPA and Doctor of Law. He is supported by many people with different backgrounds.

Geoffrey N.
business owner





Mr. Nous is honest and friendly. He is a straight fellow and has no false promise.
Unlike the lawyer I've previously mentioned, he always returns my phone or email.
His fees are reasonable and very competitive.
Recommend to all the necessary friends.

12/25/2020 11:17am



Never forget to thank Jeffrey and live forever! After being hit by a drunken driver, I was overwhelmed and confused by how to get things done. I lost my job and couldn't work. I stretched out my hand to him, and he stood up and took everything out of my insurance. Without him and his team, I couldn't achieve it! ! Thank you for your consistency, professionalism and reassuring me. I pray for your success and many more blessings with Myoga. )

01/02/2021 08:50am



Me. Not only did he help me with my car accident, but in my case he helped me. I am very happy to be introduced by my friend. I will definitely recommend him to anyone. I think he is very kind and years of experience will be useful.

12/25/2020 08:28pm



Mr. Nous was a wonderful lawyer and helped me with a bicycle accident involving the car. Jeffrey helped me understand all my options and gave me the best advice in my situation. He helped me with my medical treatment (requiring shoulder surgery) and my latest carbon fiber bike. I strongly recommend his legal services.

01/02/2021 02:14pm