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David (Dave) Luca is the representative of this law firm's five-star organization. I never imagined my lawyer to be my friend (Dave was not guilty), but he was exceptional and helped me with divorce and custody issues. I thought my wife would take everything from me, including my children, but Dave went out of court to get a fair agreement to protect his right as a good father, to talk with his ex-wife and to save time and money. Thank you very much for meeting Dave. I would like to express my gratitude to the customers and staff who relieved the pain. 5  certainly

12/26/2020 08:25am



I can't believe this strange job is a lawyer.  He's a Australian dollar $HOLE both in and out of court.  very rude to the people & other lawyers  If he had money, he would take it and drag your case out for a long time and solve nothing.  I can't believe lying to his papers. I'll just hand in the papers to the court and take a sen from you. It goes without saying that when he really knows the truth, those whom he lied for them.  It is surprising that he is still practicing.  Be careful......

01/01/2021 06:08am



David is a great lawyer.  When I recently divorced, he helped me with my mediation.  This process was incredibly drawn out and painful, but I was happy to report it very smoothly and quickly.  He never made a face, helped me and my former, and found a somewhat happy medium.  Thank David and his assistant Tauni for a great deal!

12/27/2020 07:11pm



Note: It is recommended that you navigate to avvo.comDavid's outstanding work.

David is a knowledgeable, expert, and provides understanding and support. He will clearly explain all your choices, listen and provide feedback, and finally execute your plan. He is an excellent negotiator, who can grasp the financial situation, be patient, and act as a time when it is necessary to have the other party act. He's not a professional, he doesn't play theater, he's completely expressing his interest. The judge has the impression that he ignores his lawyer, respects it, and listens to his advice.

To those who know themselves and want to be a lawyer who cares for their own interests, he was able to deal with the situation of my disorderly divorce and domestic violence very useful and skillfully, reduce the support of my ex-wife from her spouse, and ultimately, support the extension of my ban order, but be dismissed. He is talented, civil, criminal and dealing with a variety of cases.

David is welcome!

12/28/2020 08:22pm



I have hired Dennis for several years. I work as a former husband and a humbug.  Dennis listened to my questions and concerns.  He gave me an honest answer and a solution to my problem.  He spoke frankly about the cost and taught me how to cut them down.  Felicia had to appear in one of the court's appeals against Dennis, and she did a great job because she had never spoken to her before I met her in court.  I was moved by her.  

As for their Paralegal, she is wonderful.  She listened to me and answered frankly.  They always did what I wanted to do.  I recommended many friends and everyone was happy.  Other reviewers are complaining about the cost, but I found that they were all the same.  So I hope that the lawyer, like the former lawyer, will be able to stand up against his ex-husband and help him, without yielding to his ex-husband.

12/29/2020 12:38pm



Felicia Lucero began a divorce settlement with what appears to be honest, fair, and sound legal advice. As time went by, I held a meeting and asked for a meeting to increase time sharing with the children, then I looked at another aspect of Felicia. It was almost impossible to meet in arbitration, and it was obvious that we were not allowed to speak at meetings literally, and that we were not taking a fair and just approach, that we seemed to be talking with our previous lawyers and our previous lawyers. The lack of professionalism and highly biased approaches were amazing. I didn't say this lightly, I never felt this way in my life, but I was strongly impressed with sexism. This was the worst arbitration experience I could have ever thought, and it would have been much better to go to court and at least be heard. If you care about fairness, this is not the place to go.

01/03/2021 01:43am