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Scam! No one could get in touch with the lawyer after many calls. Court Day! You're cheated! I just said I won't fight. No legitimate procedures are required. a swindler  This company, like the judicial system, is a fat and complacent joke.

I want you to return the money. I could not speak to any lawyer. They were only evidence of their request, but they could not accomplish anything. a waste of $2,500 Go to an honest lawyer.

12/26/2020 02:39am



They crushed my speeding ticket. The ticket crusher was easy to use and my contact with me continued in all the processes. The process was painless and I got the result I wanted. Thank you for the ticket crusher.

12/31/2020 08:13pm



To tell the truth of a star, we could not help at all. First of all, fill out something on their site and consult..There was no answer. Then we used the "Chat Now" option. Within a few hours, the people we were discussing kept asking the questions in the documentation. Long Short..."I'm sorry I don't have a lawyer on the day of the trial, I'm not guilty and we'll help you in the trial," he said...... Yes...I tried to avoid it at all, but I never consulted with a lawyer, so I got free consultation with people who don't take much time ...No thanks......

12/29/2020 02:04pm



They're the best! It was a hassle for me to break my ticket!

The glass gave me a ticket for the BS, and I had to issue it for an hour.

I gave all the information to the ticket crusher and did the rest! Please absolutely recommend it and use it again.

Thank you, everyone!

01/02/2021 12:37am



My case has been canceled. Thanks!

I would rather pay $100 to a penny attorney than pay one penny to another rotten police department, but these great guys were cheaper than the ticket. (Pay Attention & amp; The additional charges added by the court will periodically exceed the cost of three times the base fine!

10/10 is used again.

12/25/2020 10:57am