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If you need legal assistance through a complex legal issue, trust your Yemi Getachew Imprization Loac Office (P.C.) attorney at San Jose. A company that can help you with your problems and focus on your life and work in the U.S., including your family. The team supports deportation, expulsion, emigration, consultancy, and immunity. They are merciful, devoted and ready to work with you and your family to get the result of the immigrants they need. Please contact the Yemi Getachew Immigration Office (P.C.). To discuss your case today.

Established in 1996


Don't worry if you don't understand all American immigration laws. We do that. At the Yemi Getachew Immigration Office at P.C., we have helped people like you for decades. We have the skills, knowledge and compassion to create change. Whether we are in danger of moving, whether we want to go to the country with our family, whether we need asylum, or other concerns. Our immigration lawyer has been respected for the caring approach and long-lasting results of customers around the world. Call me at your office in San Jose, California right now.

Emi was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and completed a law school at Addis Ababa University. After coming to the United States, he worked as a joint venture in lawsuits with law firms of various sizes and became a lawyer in San Jose.  Yemi later opened a law firm to help customers solve their legal problems using complex immigration systems. In 2008, Yami graduated from M.A. In marriage and family therapy, Emi trains both a degree in law and a psychological exercise to teach a customer a caring legal problem. Her firm commitment to her customers helps them overcome the barriers to legal immigration to the United States. Understanding the legal aspects of the immigration procedure can be severe and overwhelming, so it takes time to explain.

Yemi G.
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As one of the best immigration lawyers in San Jose and the surrounding area, and to review her ineligibility is my honor and privilege.  I,  Expertise, knowledge and professionalism have benefited.  She is a truly reliable adviser.  The most important thing for me is that she cares about her customers and devotes herself to them. For her, "walking a wider road" is not simply a metaphor. To be sure, she will travel that mile for you.  She doesn't help her trip to become her own and to help her achieve the goals of immigration in the United States.  I'm not going to look any more and hire you today!

12/29/2020 05:56pm



Emi was the best lawyer to solve my case, and stood by me until I had it. Because she knew how to write my story. for he could not explain the new story without her efforts. I can't thank Emi for his love, and I finally got the documents. )

01/01/2021 12:00pm




Yemi is very personal, patient and neutral about the services Yemi Getachew and its staff provide. In my first interview, I explained my need and she kept my feelings bright and expressed my concerns and questions without interruption. She advised me that I might not need her job and taught me how to hand in the papers myself. I was grateful, but I decided to continue her service.

Your office is very well communicated and you received a warning as soon as your application changes. I never thought I was forgotten.

If you need to get up again, be sure to return to Iemi.

12/28/2020 07:59pm



Emi is a professional, confident, committed and responsible person. She creates a more relaxed environment for customers to avoid stress. ... In my case, she was very helpful in getting my case ready, feedback, accessibility ease, room for discussion, comments. She gave me valuable and timely information and sincerely appreciate her best service. If you're looking for professional legal services, I'd recommend Emi without hesitation.
Murgo jam A.

12/29/2020 09:18am



Yemi Getahoe! Well, where should I start?
I felt the joy that Emi Getahshu offered to several Eritreans and Ethiopian people who once had the opportunity to become a client. I received a 30-day final notice and was in a desperate situation where I was forced to submit a suicide note to the court that I refused. At that time, there was no lawyer, but he was consulted by a lawyer and was forced into a worse situation. I was hopeless and hopeless. So I finally got a chance to meet Emi at the company and a few days later I left with hope. It was a strong case. She was willing with me, seemed to be difficult, and there was no guarantee of winning, but we said we would do our best. People said that she was the best immigration lawyer. I didn't believe until I got the opportunity to work with her. She managed to help me in my asylum case in a short time! She begins very hard and very positive, but it is for your own benefit! I'll hold your hand and stay with you all the time until I win! I didn't think I could win, but a month later, I was given asylum by Emi! I've heard that I'm not losing to the incident yet! I think it makes sense without a review of ..Yelp. It is surprising that non-English speakers who are not familiar with Yelp and other apps account for all of her customers. They are only seeking help from a scary situation. I really enjoyed working with her! She changed my life. And in my desperate situation, I recommended her to yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Here's the best immigration lawyer! !!and hope that she will continue to change people's lives!
(Strongly recommended! !!!!)

01/03/2021 06:02am



Emi is the best attorney in immigration law. She was very attentive to me, her husband's needs worked very fast, and she worked hard to get the permanent residency we received. By going with me, Emi made it easier to understand the form of a difficult government. The great thing about working with her was how quickly she was able to get in touch with her by phone or email. All the teams in her law firm made the experience very enjoyable for us. Thank you from the bottom of your heart!

12/30/2020 08:40pm